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All Americans

The US Basketball Writers Association named their All Americans and Texas forward PJ Tucker was named to the second team. You can view the complete list of first and second team All Americans here.

Our own All America team looks a little different, though Duke's dynamic duo were still pretty pumped to make the team.

The BON All Americans

JJ Reddick, Duke The most hated athlete in sports? Nah. I think Barry wrapped that one up yesterday, sadly. But Reddick certainly sparks passion, both from his fans and his detractors. We'll stay neutral, but give him his proper due as the best player in college hoops this year. He torched everyone this season, including Texas. He looks a little fatigued down the stretch, and if he's not on for the tournament, Duke can't win it all. Nonetheless, he's a first team All American and the BON Player of the Year.

Adam Morrison, Gonzaga Shouldn't this guy be named Guido or something like that? Just an awkward, ratty looking dude, but a hell of a player. He hasn't been as dominant as Reddick, nor has he faced the level of competition that Duke has, but he's still been quite the player to watch this year. Perhaps the best shooter with a hand in his face that I've seen since Larry Legend. Parenthetically, has any school done more for the buzz that mid-majors enjoy these days than Gonzaga?

PJ Tucker, Texas Just a terrific, unique player. A matchup nightmare because of his huge wingspan, deceptive quickness, mental toughness, and deft touch around the rim. If he played in the ACC, he'd be a unanimous first team All American. As is, he's quietly the best player in the Big 12 and the key to keeping the Horns' offense going in March.

Shelden Williams, Tanzagar - Outer Ring, Saturn College basketball's answer to Sam Cassell has, I loathe to say, been worthy of first team All America honors. My girlfriend pointed out that every time she's seen him play, he's looked awful. In fact, I can't remember watching a game where he looked good. I obviously don't watch many Duke games. He's averaging 19 points, 11 rebounds and 4 blocks a game. Go be subpar in the NBA already, Shelden.

Randy Foye, Villanova Just an electric scorer for an electric (and eclectic) team. Villanova proves that guard play matters in college hoops. Armed with four above average guards (well, maybe three; that nasty Nardi guy kind of rubs me the wrong way), the Cats have won by playing with four guards, highlighted by Foye. Big, strong, athletic teams will give Villanova matchup problems, so if their bracket ain't just right, they won't make the Final Four, but so long as they're shooting well, they can play with anyone in the country. The three pointer (of which Foye has hit three or more in 18 games this year) is truly the Great Equalizer in college hoops.

BON Second Team All America

Rudy Gay, UConn
Brandon Roy, Washington
Dee Brown, Illinois
Rodney Carney, Memphis
JD Lewis, Texas
Mike Gansey, West Virginia