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Cat Osterman Redux

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Today's morning catnip brings you... the Osterblog! Yes, Cat Osterman has a blog. (54b, I know. I just completely ruined whatever remaining chance you had of getting any real work done for the next two weeks.) The good folks at TexasSports had the sense to prominently feature their softball star with a blog on the site, delightfully titled "Cat's Korner."

At the blog, Cat treats us to reflections of her life on the team, including her thoughts after breaking the NCAA strikeout record in February. So now we can get to know Cat the girl a little better. Which makes our stalking just a little bit less creepy. Except in 54b's case, of course. His level of obsession is probably unable to be de-creepified. Speaking of which, 54b: how many nights have you spent on the couch because your wife was "fed up with your stupid obsession with that softball player"? The over-under is at seven.

And, of course, your daily pic:

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