Best schools at the major 3 sports

There was a post about which schools were the most impressive at all three major college sports (baseball, football, basketball).

Without a doubt, school #1 is UT, with 2 national championships,and 3 wins away from a trifecta.

The challenge is to list your top 3 both contemporary (first) and historic all around athletic schools in terms of the big 3 sports.

Here's my picks


  1.  UT - enough said
  2.  Florida - lost to UT in CWS, in Final Four, solid year behind Urban Meyer.
  3.  UCLA - 2 loss fb season (ugly though it may be) in the Final Four...don't know about their baseball program though.
  1.  USC - call it homerism, but the most CWS titles (12), anywhere from 9-11 CFB championships, and a basketball team that occasionally doesn't suck.
  2.  UT - 2nd most CWS titles (6), strong football tradition (800 total wins, last one against USC), basketball team thats coming into its own...fairly weak in the pre-TJ Ford era though.
  3.  UCLA - Semi-decent football tradition (at least 1 nc), no major baseball tradition but holds 11! NCAA bball tourney wins, including a 12 year stretch where they won 10, 7 in a row.
These are my thoughts, now lets hear yours.

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