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Kevin Durant Impressing

Questions about Kevin Durant's thin frame left some to wonder just how quickly he would be able to make an impact at Texas. His last two games, a 31 point outburst against #1 nationally ranked Oak Hill Academy, followed by a 25 point performance on the national stage at the McDonald's All American Game, have earned him raves from many hoops analysts. Not that he was lightly regarded before, but he's certainly lived up to expectations on the big stages.

Says TSN's Andrew Skwara:

"Kevin Durant is going to make a big impact at Texas right away. Nobody doubted Durant's long-term potential. When you're 6-foot-10 and can hit 3-pointers at will you are going to be a star eventually. But he's so painfully skinny I thought strength issues would hold him back at first. The McDonald's game doesn't exactly recreate the physical play of the Big 12, but Durant showed off such a deep repertoire of offensive skills during the practices and exploded for 25 points in the game that he won me over. He will find ways to score regardless of his playing weight."

I agree. Durant is a long way from being NBA ready. Right now, he's just sort of Jonathan Bender. But he's good enough right now to contribute in an important way at Texas and has a bright pro future in front of him down the road.