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Matt Leinart Writes Like A (Seventh Grade) Girl

Matt Leinart is running an online "draft diary" for Either Matt Leinart writes like a twelve year old and we should all cut Vince Young some slack, or his ghostwriter is, in fact, in seventh grade. Regardless, it's plenty of fun to read and make fun of.

I've taken a couple days off from working out. It's nice to go home, sleep in my bed, and wake up and not have to worry about working out or anything. I like getting up and relaxing all day.

For the record, Vince Young hates relaxing. And I guarantee you my prediction that Matt Leinart doesn't have what it takes to sustain an NFL career will come true. Spoiled OC kid goes to University of Spoiled Children, loves to party, doesn't like hard work (has never had to)... Hear me now, believe me later. The guy will be out of the league in five years.

And my favorite bit:

Regardless of what team I go to, the transition for me to the NFL will be a little easier than some of the other guys just because of my preparation and what I've accomplished.

At USC, I've gone against NFL-style defenses for five years, played with NFL-type players, and backed up Carson Palmer. My preparation will set me apart.

Was this diary supposed to support him, or Vince Young, as a better candidate? Because that NFL-style defense he's touting was the one that Vince Young absolutely obliterated. They say Matt's a smart kid. Reading his draft diary, I'm not so sure.

I just hope he keeps posting diaries. Making fun of Matt Leinart is just too much fun.