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Jamaal Charles: Fastest Football Player In The Country?

Since my track knowledge is admittedly scant, I turn you to a recent post by the Heisman Pundit, who breaks down Jamaal Charles' abilities as a star track and field hurdler. His conclusion is that Charles may very well be the fastest man in pads in the country; faster, even, than Ted Ginn, Jr.

We've been touting Charles with all our might since day one, so obviously no disagreement here. If he stays healthy in 2006, a ridiculous season is in store. Given Texas' situation at quarterback, the Horns will be trying to win games with running, running, and some more running. That means lots of touches for Jamaal. If Texas runs the table, HP is right: we could have ourselves a sophomore Heisman winner. He's that good.

Only an injury can prevent Jamaal Charles from having a huge season for Texas this fall.