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Quick Hits: The Draft, Heisman Punditry, Baseball, and Cat

*The New York Times weighs in on NFL Draft hype. Nothing new here, though Vince Young supporters should make careful note. Don't forget that the media is a predictable beast. They can't write the same story over and over, so they have to constantly search for new storylines. Once the "Vince is amazing" stories were written, they had to switch to "Vince is flawed stories." The next wave, I predict, will be "Vince is underrated."

*Speaking of which: maybe it's already started.

*Bill Little walks us through the wild spring of Mack Brown. He deserves every bit of it. One more congratulations from us, Mack.

*Brian offers us the Friedrich Nietzsche Theory of the Heisman. No joke.

*Heisman Pundit responds: "The Heisman Doesn't Suck." No joke.

*The Longhorn baseball team swept Baylor to improve to 12-2 in the Big 12. See? We told you they'd be fine. If you missed it on Friday, Baseball Prosectus' Kevin Goldstein answered some questions about the Horns for Burnt Orange Nation.

*BON favorite Cat Osterman, meanwhile, cranked out her 20th career no-hitter, shutting out Oklahoma. The only Sooner to reach base was drilled by an Oster-pitch. Atta-Cat.