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Out of Conference Wish List

In the spirit of Kyle's quest to improve out-of-conference scheduling, BON reader 54b thought it instructive to ask what other readers' "Wish List" for games they'd like to see Texas play. Because it's worthy of its own topic, I thought we'd bring it to the main page for discussion.

What's your Top 5 home-and-home non-con wish list look like (apologies if this subject has already been beat to death)...

I'm basing my list on team choices on tradition, recent successes and a home stadium in a place I'd like actually like to visit...

Michigan (The Big House)

Penn State (Happy Valley)

Tennessee (Rocky Top)

Georgia (Hedges)/Florida (Swamp) tie

Alabama (Tuscaloosa)

Honorable Mention: LSU, Auburn, Wisconsin, FSU, and USC.

Funny how it's all Big 10 and SEC schools. BTW, tOSU would have been tied for #1 if we weren't playing them right now.

Your turn, readers.