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Moderately Disturbing Picture Of The Day

Along with the inevitable awkwardness that accompanies any bovine-related sexuality, this picture is troubling on a number of other levels.

For starters, how old, exactly, are the two girls under Bevo's hooves? 14? 16?

And why is the girl on the right trying to look sexy? As noted, when posing with a cow, the idea is to look cheerful, or peppy. Not like a Red Light District Special.

Further, what about the girl on the left? Is she there under her own volition? Was she kidnapped? She looks positively miserable. Maybe she understands the tawdriness of this photo?

Lastly, who is giving Bevo the reacharound in this photo? The random arms add a whole new level of WTF-ness to this picture. I've never seen anything like this.

Food for thought on Thursday.