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Quick Hits: Too Many To List

*Kirk Bohls is on to something: There are steroids in baseball!

*The Akron Beacon Journal's Patrick McManamon with an interesting article on Vince Young.

"I don't know who you compare him to," Ravens coach Brian Billick said. "I think that makes people uncomfortable."

That seems right to me. He's different than Vick, the player he's most often compared to. There aren't any great comps that spring to mind, though everyone from Randall Cunningham to Daunte Culpepper have been bandied about. The one that I like best is Steve Young, a terrific runner with an accurate sling. We shall see.

*The Horns baseball team is struggling on defense, a troubling sign for a team that won the title last year on... pitching and defense. I'm not sure the Horns can slug enough to win it all again this year, especially with Danks out. Stay tuned.

*Sunday Morning Quarterback is back from a little hiatus with some terrific early assessments of college football teams in his "Absurdly Premature Assessment" series. Required reading.

*We knew Brian was obsessive. Alas, further confirmation.

*Kyle chimes in with an idea to make the SEC like the Premier League. I'm on board, and for that matter, the Big 12 could do worse, too. Baylor and Kansas should be demoted until they're decent anyway.

*Adrian Peterson confuses OU with tOSU. Surprise, surprise.