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Big 12 Violations Mounting

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First, we learn that Oklahoma has been cheating. Not a big surprise. A Sooner, by definition, is a cheater.

Now, though, the NCAA has announced a "lack of institutional control" at Kansas and is investigating possible penalties. The Kansas athletic department issued a report of multiple violations, including "academic fraud," and placed itself on two years of probation. The NCAA will decide if further punishment is warranted.

Meanwhile, as the cheating thug developer Kelvin Sampson tries to sneak out the back door to Indiana, the Sooners face allegations of over 500 illegal recruiting calls. With the program in potential turmoil, some of their top recruits, including 6'8" super-recruit Damion James, may consider trying to transfer. If so, Texas could be the main benificiary.

We'll keep you posted as these stories develop.