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Reggie Bush Could Lose His Heisman

As Andrew first mentioned, Reggie Bush's family reportedly accepted a free home from a football boster in early 2005. Yes, that's right. A free home. The Pac 10 has now said that the case merits an investigation, with the NCAA surely to follow.

The most interesting aspect of the entire story is a sidebar I just saw on ESPN.

The director of the Heisman Trophy Trust told ESPN's Joe Schad on Monday that he will reach out to board members to determine the potential ramifications of an investigation involving 2005 winner Reggie Bush.

"We're doing some soul searching ourselves right now," Rob Whalen said. "To the best of my knowledge no one has ever had a Heisman Trophy revoked."

Whalen said he's already begun to receive e-mails from Texas fans who believe runner up Vince Young should now receive the trophy.

"Clearly that's premature," Whalen said. "Let's see what happens and how this plays out."
The official Heisman ballot includes this wording: "In order that there will be no misunderstanding regarding the eligibility of a candidate, the recipient of the award MUST be a bonafide student of an accredited university. The recipient must be in compliance with the bylaws defining an NCAA student."

Frankly, I doubt Vince Young would want it, though he deserves it. It will be interesting to see how this all develops, and we'll give you more updates as the story unfolds. For now, enjoy these exclusive photos of Reggie's home.

If this story is as it appears, I'm fairly certain the Fulmer Cup is over.

UPDATE: The more you read about this, the stranger, and funnier, it becomes.

Like this nugget from a Yahoo Sports article:

"Reggie Bush was a full-time student at the University of Southern California and never lived in the house," Cornwell said. "As is the case with most 20-year-old college students, Reggie was not aware of personal or financial arrangements relating to his parents or their house. Mr. and Mrs. Griffin now realize that, given Reggie's profile, their personal decisions can reflect on their son."

Believing that would take a very, um, charitable, interpretation of the word "aware." How, precisely, does one's son not notice when you move into a three-quarter of a million dollar home?

I have no idea, but MichiganZone was there to capture pics of the Bush family on the way out.