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Tucker To Test Draft Waters

Texas junior forward PJ Tucker, the reigning Big 12 Player of the Year, has announced he will declare himself eligible for the NBA Draft. He will not, however, hire an agent, which means that he will remain eligible to return to Texas should he so choose.

(No word yet, incidentally, on whether or not his parents home has been purchased by an agent. Not that it matters - how would he know?)

Folks, he's probably gone. With the 2007 NBA Draft looking more loaded than this year, Tucker is probably wise to leave, despite the fact that he'd be well served by another year playing every game in college. It's sad, especially, for those of us who enjoyed his tenacity and unique skills so much.

We wish PJ the best of luck and will hold out hope that he returns to the Horns.

Longhorn fans have probably seen the last of P.J. Tucker and Lamarcus Aldridge.

UPDATE: Daniel Gibson may test the draft, too. This is turning into a crazy news day.