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Links Galore

We've been updating the Links section over on the right column of the page, and it's probably about time we bring you up to speed on some of the changes. Briefly:

Say goodbye to YocoHoops, formerly the best basketball blog on the planet. The MSM got ahold of him. You can still read his good stuff on Fox Sports but, sadly, the best days of the blog appear to be behind him. If it returns, we'll be the first to re-link.

A warm welcome to Nico's great Eccentric Southern Gentleman (ESG). Sometimes, the name says it all. Well worth your reading time. Nico is a `Bama fan at heart.

We've mentioned The M Zone guys (they of Cowherd-gate) enough that you probably already know of them, but let this serve as our official nod. They never cease to entertain.

Just one day after I bemoaned the lack of a good West Virginia blog to preview the Texas-West Virginia NCAA tournament game... I found Mountain Lair. Figures, right? As the Mountaineers begin their quest to contend for the national title, you know where to go for team news and analysis.

Surprise, surprise: more Georgia Bulldog greatness. Hey Jenny Slater and Braves & Birds join the blogroll; long overdue.

We've finally gotten around to adding Joey's Straight Bangin'. Joey you might recall, was half of the excellent Michigan preview.

And lastly, we have USC fan Matt with his College Football Index, an eccentric list of news and numbers from the world of college football.

Frankly, there are quite a few sites that I need to get added to the Links section, which I will, at some point. For now, this shall do.