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Recruiting Board Update: Ryan Mallett & Darrell Arthur

As uber-recruits Darrell Arthur (hoops) and Ryan Mallett (football) near their announcements, we regret to inform the faithful that UT appears not to be at the top of either list. Reports indicate that Mack Brown asked Mallett to make a decision several weeks ago, asking that if he wanted to attend Texas, he decide then. If you believe those reports, Mallett obviously took a pass and won't be choosing Texas.

Arthur, meanwhile, has had more rumors swirling around where he'll attend than Mallett. Unfortunately, there's simply nothing out there that indicates he'll be headed to Texas, though it's not clear why he wouldn't want to come play alongside Durant and Augustin. With Aldridge gone, and Tucker not far behind, there are -lots- of minutes for any incoming Horn studs. Darrell Arthur would be wise to choose Texas. It doesn't look good right now, but there's no telling.

As always, we'll have the updates as they become available.