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Horns, Hogs To Resume Rivalry

Reports indicate that Texas and Arkansas are prepared to announce a home and home series in 2008 and 2009, resuming a historic rivalry was last seen in 2004. You may recall that classic game, a comeback win for Texas behind a critical Arkansas fumble late in the game. As I think about it, actually, the 2004 Arkansas win was eerily similar to the 2005 Ohio State win. On the road, Texas came out of the gates strong, but relinquished the lead as the offense sputtered. The defense held their ground and, eventually, Vince completed the comeback.

If you want to relive the games, enjoy 54b's game summaries: Texas 22, Arkansas 20 and Texas 25, Ohio State 22.

Though Arkansas was down last year, it's a solid program, a classic Texas rival, and a good game to add to the schedule. We'll take it. Plus, they're the source of the funniest picture I've seen in quite some time.

Once again, funnier than fiction.