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Reggie-Gate Not Going Away

Contrary to what Andrew and I initially expected, Reggie-Gate is not going away. To the contrary, the more that is learned about the story, the more and more bizarre it becomes.

Where as two days ago the fellas at EDSBS were shrugging off the story, the most recent developments have ratcheted up the stank meter.

We note these other sites because, like these guys, we've done our fair share of USC taunting recently. So it's not just us crying foul. Something troubling happened and we appear to just be finding out the worst of it.

Of course, not everyone thinks this story will stick. It might even help USC. Of course, USC backers are working hard on damage control, but the situation is murky at best for Bush and USC.

I suppose it won't be long before we get an "exclusive" cover job, but something tells me the NCAA doesn't give a shit about two wannabe glam reporters.