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LenDale White: Smarter Than The Texans

Courtesy of today's LA Times, and with a hat tip to reader Allan Perez for emailing it to me:

So who will be the first quarterback selected in this weekend's NFL draft? Will it be USC's Matt Leinart, Texas' Vince Young or Vanderbilt's Jay Cutler?

The opinion of USC running back LenDale White might surprise you.

"I would never trade away the three years with Matt as my quarterback," White told the Denver Post. "But if I was an NFL team, I don't know how you could not take Vince Young.

"A quarterback's job is to control the game. When a guy throws for 260 [yards] and runs for 200 in the biggest game of the year, he doesn't just control a game, he shows he can completely take it over.

"Nothing against Matt, but Vince has to be the No. 1 guy."

Reader Allan Perez said in his email, "Let me also add that I'm a USC fan and it bothers me to read what LenDale had to say - even if he truly does feel this way - but when a one-man wrecking crew snatches victory from sure defeat I would be terribly impressed as well.  It makes me wonder if the pub got to Leinart's head a little bit and some of his teammates felt ignored by him."

No further commentary from me needed.