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The Fall Of Troy?

As Reggie-Gate gets worse and worse, and now the late breaking news that USC quarterback Matt Sanchez is under investigation for sexual assault, the USC juggernaut is starting to frey around the edges. While it's entirely possible that both incidents remain formally distanced from the USC program itself, the biggest problem for USC is twofold:

  1. These two stories broke in the same week and
  2. As Nico pointed out, the issue isn't so much that USC is leagues worse than any other program, but that these two highly public incidents now have a lot of people sniffing for the scoop on these, and any additional, bits of garbage.
The timing of these two incidents breaking in the same week means there are going to be lots of media folks digging for violations of any kind. As the NCAA and Pac 10 dig in to take a closer look, the very real possibility exists that multiple problems, many or all of which might have gone unnoticed (or at least unreported) before, may all get exposed. The USC program as a whole, in turn, may get bombarded.

It could be, when it's all said and done, the fall of Troy.

Stay tuned...