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More Bad News For USC

My goodness. A bad week for USC, that's for sure. First Reggie-Gate, and now this. (Hat Tip: CFR)

A USC female student is accusing Trojan quarterback Mark Sanchez of sexual assault and an investigation is ongoing. Not a lot of good news coming out of Southern California for the Trojans these days.

UPDATE: My cousin asked me, poignantly, I thought, "Come on, he's going to play for one of the top football programs at the most important positions and he has to sexually assault a woman to get a little ass?"

I wanted to show him that Sanchez isn't, um, the most gifted guy in the world when it comes to looks. One Google search later and I was (and really, folks, the real world is just funnier than fiction)... directed to our favorite USC blogger! And -this- was the lead photo on the blog...

You just can't make this stuff up.

Oh how the mighty are falling...