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NFL Draft Open Thread

Sorry for the slow posting. PB is out of town and I was too busy at work today.

First, as noted in a diary, the Texans will inexplicably draft DE Mario Williams tomorrow morning.

Is anyone else violently shaking their head right now?

Ok, maybe you could argue the Texans have talent at QB and RB, so they decided to go a different direction and grab help on the line where they desperately need it. But why not trade down, add another draft pick or a veteran player, and then grab Williams or Ferguson with a later pick.

I just don't understand. Just this morning I heard a "draft expert" put the chances of the Texans picking Bush at 95%.

Bush may very well turn out to be the next Gale Sayers or maybe just the next Marshall Faulk. VY may become the next... There really isn't anyone to compare him to. I would say Michael Vick. But given the right circumstances, VY will be ten times the player Vick is.

Williams will undoubtedly make the Texans better, but McNair and Casserly missed a major opportunity that they must now live with for years.

Post your draft day comments here.