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Longhorn PTI, Week 2

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It's Monday, which means another edition of Longhorn PTI. With only the baseball team in action (thanks, Rick), we'll go outside the `Horns a bit for some of the discussion.

This is Texas, of course, which means it's -always- football season. So, thoughts on the Spring Game?

PB: Sergio Kindle needs to be careful. McCoy vs Snead is going to be interesting, but less because of who they are than for how Mack handles them. I'll be particularly interested if it turns out that Snead is clearly the better option. Will Mack Brown have the wisdom and balls to go with him exclusively? I doubt it, but what do I know? I agree with EyesOfBevo, who commented that this will be Chizik's big year. I expect the defense to be -better- than it was last year. Oh, and one final thought: you can already hear the Jordan Shipley bandwagon train coming. The guy has a better than even chance of never making a catch and going down as 5,000+ Texas' fans favorite football player ever.

AW:I was only able to watch some of the game, so take these comments with a grain of salt. Snead looks to me like the player with more potential and should start in the fall. Unfortunately, Mack is not terribly decisive and I see us destined for a Simms/Applewhite fiasco again.

Jordan Shipley will never be a star at Texas. In fact, I am officially leading the bandwagon going the other way. Shipley is barely 6' and white. He has speed but not the strength to be a Roy Williams or even BJ Johnson. Nate Jones and Billy Pittman will be the go to guys at wideout along with Finley at tight end. Shipley will have a nice view from the sidelines.

PB: Texas fans -love- white guys at skill positions. I can still hear that crotchety old lady that sat behind me at Texas games growing up. "Put in Brandy Perriman!" she would scream the entire time. God I hated her.

Care to add anything to your thoughts on Rick Barnes and a potential move to NC State?

AW:As we both know, I like Barnes more than you do. Second, there is no way he is going anywhere. Barnes will be here for the next five years at least. If Tucker and Gibson return, we will be pre season top 5 and favorites to make it back to Atlanta for the Final Four. You do not leave a team on the rise for a team with little chance to compete even in its league. Barnes stays, 99.9%.

PB: I agree, he's staying. And though I -do- insist that we criticize Rick for his shortcomings, I think my objections get overstated at times because I get frustrated by so many Texas fans' apathy toward hoops. Anyway, there's no way he leaves Austin for anything like NC State. It would take a job at UNC to lure him away, and Roy Williams isn't going anywhere.

The baseball team took two of three from Oklahoma, swept Oklahoma State, recently took two from Rice, and appears to be on track as we head toward the stretch run of the Big 12. Your thoughts?

PB:I absolutely -am- thrilled about baseball. The major league season is under way, with about a dozen games today! My fantasy team is stocked with live young arms (just the way I like it) and my boy Barry Bonds is having a great spring (on the field, anyway). Oh, Texas? It's not June yet, is it?

AW:I am absolutely -not- thrilled about baseball at any level. I will have a fantasy Master's foursome before I have a fantasy baseball team. Oh wait, it's Master's week here at BON. Full coverage coming later this week. But back to baseball, from what I here from sports radio, this team is starting to get it all together and are poised to for another trip to Omaha.

PB: That deserves a response. I'm glad you pointed out that it's Master's week. Is there any greater sporting event? I'm not sure there is. Toughest ticket in all of sports, my friend.

After two of the worst national semifinals in the history of college hoops, what are you expecting tonight?

AW:I expect a classic. Florida and UCLA are both loaded with talent. Afflalo and Farmer present a formidable backcourt for the Bruins. They have also excelled on defense, especially in the tournament. The Gators have cruised through most of their first five games lead by Noah, Green, and Brewer. I think Corey Brewer is the difference in this one. He slashes for 20+ from his wing spot and the Gators survive, 65-64.

PB: Is it a classic if no one scores 70 points? I'm worried that the brutish defenses are going to dominate this match, which will -not- make for a classic, if you ask me. If this resembles a typical Oklahoma versus Nebraska deathmatch (football or basketball), it's not going to be fun. I'm with you, though: Florida's going to win. I think they have just enough offensive talent to get by the UCLA defense-first approach.