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Jordan Shipley: Wide Receiver, Family Man, Son of Jesus

We're catching some heat for our dismissive attitude towards the Jordan Shipley Mega-Hype Express. I'll add to the main page what I said in the comments:

My point, to clarify, is not that he -can't- be good. It's that he hasn't done jack shit yet. It'd be one thing if everyone's enthusiasm were tempered, but it's like the guy is already a star. Shouldn't he score a touchdown before he's annointed the Next Great Thing?

They don't, and it's because he's white. Guaranteed. This is not the same thing as saying Texas fans don't embrace black athletes; they do. It's that they loooove the whiteys. That's fine; I'm just holding my praise for Shipley until he does something.

As for Drew, he can speak for himself, but I think he was motivated by the same feeling. High school stats aren't gonna carry this undersized white boy. Let's see him produce first.

So, this can be the official Jordan Shipley thread. Tell us we're retarded. Tell us we're right (Eric?). Tell us whatever's on your mind.