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Quick Hits: Magazine Profiles, First Pitches, and Cash

*Texas football coach Mack Brown joined President Bush in one of the great honors of spring: throwing out a first pitch. While Bush was in Cincinnati kicking off their season, Mack headed to Arlington to throw out the first pitch of the Rangers-Red Sox season opener. Roger Clemens was in attendance.

*We're not the only ones that are obsessing over Cat Osterman. According to this Johnny Damon profile in New York magazine, the Yankeese spent an afternoon oogling over the Lady Horns practice in southern California this Spring. Cat-obsessing is headed to the mainstream. This can only be a good thing.

*Strength coach Mad Dog Madden got a nice profile about him in American Football Monthly magazine.

*And finally, congratulations to Rick Barnes. He got a raise. It's well deserved. The program is in great shape.