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Put Up Time

Let us assume for a moment that (gasp!) Jordan Shipley manages both to remain healthy and perform at a level that his supporters say he can. In this scenario, the situation at wide receiver is awfully crowded. Who might be affected most?

For one thing, Limas Sweed will need to become more consistent. With a healthy and effective Shipley, Billy Pittman, Quan Cosby, Brian Carter, and Nate Jones, there won't be enough minutes to go around to anyone who struggles. Sweed, blessed with excellent physical size, has a troubling tendency to disappear at times. While he was far from a disappointment last season, and certainly had his fair share of great moments, there were still too many times when undersized defensive players muscled him around. That has to change.

Limas Sweed took a big step forward last year, even though he fell short of being anything close to a true #1 wideout. He'll need to take another step forward this year, or risk losing minutes to Texas' other talented receiving options. With two young and inexperienced quarterbacks in the mix, the need for receivers to be consistent will be vital in determining who is out on the field. If Sweed wants to be the wide receiver he says he is ready to become, he'll need to improve his strength, consistency, and willingness to be physical.