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More Basketball Rumors

The college basketball season is not over. Who will return? Who will declare? Will Rick Barnes be tempted by an NC State offer?

The NBA Draft deadline is also looming. Texas star center Lamarcus Aldridge is as good as gone. CBS Sportsline reported earlier this week that LA was shopping for agents. I still think this is a good move. Aldridge will likely be a top five pick based on his size and pro potential.

Another draft rumor has hit the internet. NBA is reporting that PJ Tucker will also declare for the draft. I am not surprised. Tucker was Big 12 player of the year last season. He is not likely to improve his draft status by returning to Texas for his senior year. Most draft boards list Tucker as a late first round or second round pick.

We'll keep you posted. BON was going to post our look at next year's basketball season but the predictions will have to wait until we see who returns and if we retain Rick Barnes.