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Prospect Profile: The Magical Fruit

By John Swofford, Recruiting Writer

The University of Texas to offer New Sports Program

The University of Texas announced today that there will be a new Sports Program on campus.  DeLoss Dodds said at the press conference, "We are tired of Stanford always winning the Presidents Cup because of their multitude of athletic programs.  We have decided, with much anticipation, that the University of Texas will now have a Speed Writing Athletics Program starting in the year 2007."

It was just learned that Texas already has a solid commitment from one of the nations best up-and-coming speed writers. Peter "The Magical Fruit" Bean is listed as a 6' 3 & 5/16" beast weighing in at a staunch 132 lbs. If that weren't enough, the Bean benched pressed a record for his sport, 85 lbs. - TWICE!! When asked why he trains so hard he replied, "I know I can be the best speed writer in the history of the sport.  A couple of years ago I pulled a muscle in my pinky when reaching for the Shift button on the wrong side of the (key)board. It was then that I realized that I needed to get in shape."  

Since that dark day, Peter has trained until his fingers bled. He averages 192 words per minute hand written and 265 words per minute typed.  But it's what The Magical Fruit does off the field that makes him special. Not only does he hold a full time job, but he is the main author of 17 blogs on the internet. Somehow, he still makes time to do wind sprints every night as part of his training. Recently, during his off-season workouts, he posted his greatest 40-yard dash time at a stunning 6.3 seconds, beating his previous mark by a whopping .2 seconds.  

It's hard to imagine a harder working athlete than Peter Bean. His size and strength have propelled him to the top of his sport. Mark it down now, Texas will add one more National Title to the trophy case in 2007, due in large part to the next great athlete at the University of Texas - Peter "The Magical Fruit" Bean.