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Major Drought

I remember turning to my friend Adam after the Rose Bowl and asking him, "Did my sports life just peak?" I'm not certain that you could top that game, top being at that game. Regardless of what's in store for me personally, the Rose Bowl seems to have used up all the major championship dramatic fuel. The Super Bowl (while personally gratifying) wasn't much of a game. The Final Four was terrible. And with Phil Mickelson's comfortable, never-in-doubt down the stretch, victory at Augusta, without the benefit of it being his first ever major, even the Masters wasn't as good as usual. The long rain delay on Saturday certainly didn't help.

While the Masters lacked much drama this year, a sincere congratulations to Phil Mickelson, who turned in another great performance well deserving of a green jacket. P-Mick has now won a remarkable three of the last nine major championships, validating his tremendously promising career.