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Meet Team ESPN

We continue our Meet ESPN series...

Peter Gammons Cooler than you

Official Title: Senior Writer, ESPN

More Appropriate Title: The Elder Statesman / ESPN Savior

Job Prior To Joining ESPN: Columnist, Boston Globe

Trademark Move: Diamond Notes. If you need an explanation for this, you don't love baseball. This post ain't for you.

Is Likable Because: What's not to like about Peter Gammons. He's old school, yet he's well versed in the new sabermetric approach to baseball analysis. Loves numbers, loves scouts. He writes with passion and acumen only matched by Roger Angell. His voice is soothing and makes you wish he were your grandpa. Seriously: how cool would that be?

Is Perfect For ESPN Because: ESPN doesn't have any good analysts, so thank God for PG. Howard Reynolds is tolerable, if only because he tries so damn hard, but John Kruk is the more representative ESPN "analyst." Gammons offsets all the bad ones by being charismatic, knowledgeable and constantly curious. He could have long ago slipped into that "I've learned everything there is to know" about baseball, but he has a child's curiosity for new knowledge of the game, and his enthusiasm and dedication show through in every broadcast. Further, he's the most connected insider of -any- analyst, in -any- sport. Watching him break news in late July as the trade deadline approaches is a joy. Long live Peter Gammons. Savior, ESPN.