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New Friends of BON

Two new additions to the Links section on the right. Your formal introduction:

Brendan Loy's Irish Trojan Blog Brendan Loy is a thoughtful Notre Dame Law student, as well as USC alum. Talk about an interesting combination. Anyway, the blog is updated frequently, often at the expense of his school work, and well worth your time. Check it out today.

The Wizard of Odds If there's a gigantic mound of college football news out there, no one works with a more furious shovel digging it out than The Wiz. Mind you, we gave him some grief for this post back in October, but that's long been forgiven and forgotten. Plus, this was nice. Anyway, there's just no better place to start your college football day than here. Go now. Come back later; we'll still be here building our gigondo automotron. Clap, you fools! Clap!