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Texans GM Charley Casserly Resigns

As reported in the Houston Chronicle.

We imagine the exchange went something like this.

Texans Owner Bob McNair: Bermuda was nice, Chuck. Thanks. Hey, who'd we take #1? Reggie Bush?

Casserly: Well, no.

McNair: Wow. Went with Vince Young. Ballsy. I like it; if nothing else, he'll sell tickets and jerseys. A good business move, Chuck.

Casserly: See, the thing is...

McNair: Wait a second. You didn't take that STD-ridden Leinart, did you?

Casserly: Well, no. We took Mario Williams.

McNair: WHAT?!?? Who the F*CK is that?

Casserly: He's an NC State defensive end.

McNair: I've never even heard of NC State. What the hell? Go resign. Now. Or you're fired.