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Morning Coffee

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I'm going to try to make this a regular segment, though my own schedule will preclude it from time to time. 'Morning Coffee' will be a nice little roundup of some fun things for you to read as you settle in to work, check your email, and, yes, sip the morning coffee.

*Remember when we pointed you to the terrificly creative Simpsons/college football comp work being done by Doug at HJS? Boredom knowns no boundaries. He's back at it. The Kansas-Rev. Lovejoy comp is my personal favorite.

*Follow-up thoughts from The Mayor on uniforms that hurt the eyes.

*Bob Stoops does his best Michael Dukakis impersonation. Perhaps trying to distract his fans from the fact that... Rhett Bomar STILL sucks?

*You won't see this at the real UT.

*Tom Luginbill couldn't wait until Tuesday: douche-tastic column ($)


That's all for now. See you this afternoon.