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Great Moments In My Longhorn Lifetime: The Stuff

I've never been more jacked up about a hit than the one you see below. 4th down and goal - arguably the most exciting situation in football - 43 seconds left. Texas leads Oklahoma 17-10. The Sooners give the ball to tailback James Allen and he dashes to the left, only to run into a brick wall named Stonie Clark at the one yard line. The 330 pound Clark throws his whole body into the hit, to the point where he's not even sure if he stopped him in time. He looks up to see Allen sitting on the turf, head in his hands, stopped short, at the one yard line.

Stonie "The Poet" Clark stuffs Allen on 4th and Goal to preserve the win.

THAT, my friends, is good football. I'll never forget that moment.

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