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Post-Spring BlogPoll Roundtable

Setting the time stamp up a little here so you everyone can enjoy the various responses linked below.

We haven't had one of these in a little while, so why not? The last one focused on spring game stories, but how `bout one for the post-spring offseason?

If you're new to this, the BlogPoll Roundtables are a series of questions asked and answered by participating members of the BlogPoll, run by Brian of MGoBlog. For more on Brian, read on.

Which offseason story are you most tired of, and, on the flip side, interested in? (e.g. Reggie Bush's house, Jimmy Claussen, etc.)

Claussen gets the nod here. As regular readers of this blog know, we're skeptical of players until they step on the actual college football field (here's to you, Shipley!), so Claussen's understated entrance at the College Football Hall of Freaking Fame was just historically offensive. It's not even like he comes from a clan with actual success, like the Mannings. He's a freaking Claussen! No arbitrary hate toward Notre Dame intended, but I hope he crashes and burns.

On the flip side, I'd be lying if I didn't say that I wasn't captivated by the unraveling of USC. The interesting part is that virtually every incident is still being sorted out, putting the Trojans in an awkward position. What, exactly, occurred? When? What penalties, if any, should follow? And how will it affect the team that, whatever you think about the whole "dynasty" spat, has been the top football program in the country over the past four years? It's high drama, and I'm enjoying it.

Your head coach comes down with a mystery illness and has to step aside. You get to hand pick the replacement for the 2006 season. Who gets your vote?

Properly answered, this question requires a look at your team's particular strengths in 2006. We're not talking about building the program up; just who coaches for 2006. For Texas, we're talking about a juggernaut defense and a very promising running game, with lots of talent at the skill positions. Sounds to me like we could use a dose of Tressel Ball. It's often ugly, and, if applied too restrictively to a team that has weapons to shoot for more, can be counter-productive. But it looks like the right approach for this year's Longhorns. Hate to say it, but there we go.

Plus, rumor has it Jamaal Charles is riding to and from practice on a bicycle. I think we can all agree he'd look a lot better in a Cadillac.

Lastly, we'll mix the football and the blogging together here. If you could have anyone switch allegiances and start covering your team, who you gonna pick?

I gotta go with Brian and the MGoBlog here. He's just so damn thorough, for one thing. Play by play breakdowns? We haven't sniffed that level of in-depth coverage here at BON (yet). Unrivaled recruiting updates, and a daily column that draws readers from all over the country. That's hard work and talent all in one package.

(With apologies to EDSBS, who would do a disservice to us all if their writing universe were to become limited to one team.)