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Morning Coffee

*For months, USC tailback Chauncey Washington has had trouble spelling his name correctly enough times to become academically eligible. Yesterday, he got much better news: he received a gift 'A' on his last final and will be eligible to play for USC. Fortuitous timing, considering the bad news from Hershel Dennis and Desmond Reed.

*The Realist dons his SMQ cap with a preview of the other UT.

*If soccer is your bag, LD's got what you need to prep for the World Cup.

*Nestor reminds us all about the joys of being a true fan.

*Brian wonders whether Detroit-Cleveland is really a second round playoff series. WIth a vested interest in seeing the Pistons win it all, I'm all for the 'Stons cruising through the East.

*Ben Maller with the scoop on Vince Young's new reality TV show. Since you know by now that I watch 'Bonds on Bonds,' my appetitie for reality television, which used to hover near zero, has increased substantially. Yay, sports!

That should get you through the first cup of coffee. Now go do some work! Or write a diary for BON. Preferably the latter.