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Ramonce Taylor Arrested On Felony Possession

A grand entrance to the Fulmer Cup for the Longhorns, as tailback/wide receiver Ramonce Taylor was just arrested for posession of five pounds of marijuana. Taylor, who had already been dismissed from Spring practice to "focus on his academics," will assuredly be dismissed from the team. His return in the fall was already doubtful; now it's certain. No word yet on whether the dope was a delivery for Ricky Williams. Regardless, au revoir, Ramonce.

Taylor was a productive member of the 2005 national championship team. He rushed 76 times for 513 yards (6.8 yards per carry), including 12 touchdowns. As a receiver, he contributed with 27 catches for 265 yards (9.8 yards per catch), and three touchdowns.

Ramonce Taylor helped the Horns win the Rose Bowl with a 30 yard touchdown run.

As an important member of the national title team of 2005, we'll hold a special place for RT. With that said, he seems to be headed down the wrong path and we expect Mack Brown to do the right thing and send him on his way. Here's to hoping that in the future Ramonce gets his priorities in line and has a happy and successful life. Best of luck RT.

As we say goodbye to RT, enjoy his 2005 highlights. Watching the highlights, you get a sense of why some called him Reggie Bush Lite. He has some of that same elusiveness, though he lacks (by a lot) Bush's breakaway burst speed and his running instincts. Watching the highlights, you'll get two of my favorite touchdowns of the year - Taylor's catch against Missouri where he lept into the end zone for a decisive score, as well as the picture perfect strike from Vince Young to Taylor at the Cotton Bown versus OU. And, probably the most interesting highlight of all is one I'd just about forgotten - Taylor's near disaster in the end zone against Ohio State. Following a bonehead decision to tip toe right up to the goal line, Taylor manages to squirm out of a tackler and a safety, and scampers for a 35 yard pickup. Enjoy...

UPDATE: There are lot of Horns fans out there posting things like, "Wait, whoa, let's see how this plays out..." or "Let the justice system... blah, blah, blah." And, the most laughable, "Let's not conclude just yet that he won't be back with the team."

I've got two words for those people: Get Real. Amidst the chaos at USC, on the heels of a national championship, a violation this flagrant from a guy with a clear history of being a questionable character guy... there is -no- chance he's coming back. He was one of the players involved in the December pre-Rose Bowl incidents, he's been dismissed from the team because he's flunking all his classes, he's a total goon on the field with his celebrations, and now THIS? And you think Mack might let him come back? Not going to happen. "Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey." (Yes, Big Lebowski week is underway.)