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Mike Williams to Transfer?

I have seen rumors of this on other Longhorn message boards but until now have resisted mentioned it. Today, the Austin American Statesman is reporting that Mike Williams may transfer.

This is a little surprising to me. Williams arrived in Austin two years ago as a highly touted McDonald's All American. He has struggled adjusting to the college game but showed flashes of excellence late last season. With the departure of Lamarcus Aldridge and the likely departure of PJ Tucker, Williams could easily start at center for next year's team.

Apparently, he is unhappy and according to two people close to him is considering transferring. There were transfer rumors after last season but obviously nothing happened. This one just doesn't make sense to me. Why leave when you are about to be surrounded by Kevin Durant and DJ Augustin, return AJ Abrams, and would likely start?

If Williams does depart, Texas will be extremely thin up front (Connor Atchley anyone?). Adding former Sooner signee Damion James is critical.

Update [2006-5-14 23:45:46 by awiggo]:Mike Williams is rumored to be considering Cincinnati, Mississippi, UAB, and LSU.