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Additions to the Blog Roll

Another update to the blogroll, and of course, the accompanying formal introduction.

*Eagle In Atlanta should have been on there eons ago. Finally, it is. It's a strong Boston College Blog, and an optimistic one, at that. He sees BC going 10-2 this year, with losses to Virginia Tech and... Wake Forrest?

*As the Longhorns spend another summer preparing for Ohio State, you can spend your summer reading up on all things Buckeye. Another addition to the blog roll: The 614 has all you need.

*If Georgia is the capitol of the college football blogosphere, Michigan's not far behind. Another Wolverine blog joins the list: Maize N Brew writes an outstanding blog from Chicago. Take a tour.

As always, there are many more that I keep meaning to add.  One day, I will. And I'll let you know.