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Great Moments In My Longhorn Lifetime: The Record Run

This is one of those games that every Longhorn fan remembers - a definite "where were you when" moment. Well, my moment is an embarrassment, for one. Regular reader and frequent commenter Jimmer and I partied in -extreme- excess on the night before the game. Crashing at Wiggins' apartment on campus, we woke up in a stupor... with the game underway. Literally two plays before this memorable run:

Ricky Williams needed 11 yards to break the NCAA career record.
He got all 11, and 49 more, plus a touchdown, on this historic run.

The sad reality is that James and I jumped around the television in joy together by ourselves, just 500 yards from the stadium where we could hear 80,000 fans screaming in joy for the run they just witnessed in person.

A Great Moment In My Longhorn Lifetime*


*That should have been better.