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Morning Coffee

*CFR looks at NCAA violations, and even wonders aloud why Texas seems to be the one leaking others' problems to the press. I have no idea whether or not that's true, though it wouldn't surprise me. That he seems so shocked that a well run team would run a strong PR officec surprises me though. Wouldn't you?

I'll have a lengthy segment on character, PR, and all that jazz later today.

*Kyle is wondering how we came to be fans of our teams... More on that later today, too.

*Ramonce Taylor nets the Horns four Fulmer Cup points. You didn't think we'd remain squeaky clean forever, did ya?

*Jamaal Charles and Brian Robison: not just good at football.

*Perhaps preempting Tuesday Douche Day, M Zone gives us Moron Monday.

*Lastly, The Whiz gives us an update on RT: his attorney says he's innocent. We shall see.