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Great Moments In My Longhorn Lifetime: The Streak

No quarterback for either Texas nor Oklahoma has defeated the other for four consecutive years. Well, no one had until Peter Gardere did it, beginning in 1989. Garder made his first career start just one week prior to the Red River Shootout that year, then defeated Oklahoma the next week in dramatic fashion, finding Johnny Walker on a 25 yard touchdown strike late in the 4th quarter for a 28-24 win. Even better, the victory snapped a four game Texas losing streak against the Sooners.

Walker starts a four year Texas streak over OU with this winning TD catch.

Gardere became the stuff of legends in 1990, though, when he pulled off another Red River miracle, this time finding Keith Cash in the end zone on 4th down and long to give Texas a late 14-13 victory over the Sooners. Texas and Gardere finished the season ranked #3 in the country before the annihilation to Miami at the Cotton Bowl.

Lightning strikes twice. Gardere knocks off the Sooners with a late TD again in 1990.

Gardere was never a great quarterback, but in the mold of Major Applewhite, he was a battler who never gave up and played smart football. His four year streak over Oklahoma may never be equalled, though one of Texas' freshmen will get a chance to start a streak this year.

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