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Morning Coffee

*Several excellent responses to the Post-Spring Blog Poll roundtable are available for your viewing. I was particularly interested in the responses to the question of which coach bloggers would choose to coach their beloved for 2006. Check 'em out.

*College Football News asks their Tuesday Question: Should USC forfeit wins if if the Bush scandal is true? As always, the answers are well-reasoned and thoughtful. Personally, I'm enjoying watching USC squirm. I'm far, far less interested in punitative measures post facto. I just like seeing the pricks twist and juke.

*There's a misperception that mainstream media and bloggers can't co-exist. To the contrary, the latter should simply complement the important role of the former. Nobody understands this better than ESPN's Bruce Feldman. If you don't read his ESPN blog regularly, it's not too late to start.

*The only regret I have from my own Blog Poll answers? I didn't throw a bone to Kyle, the tireless warrior over at Dawg Sports. Today's morning link is a nod to his piece on odd coaching fits. At this point, though, I shouldn't have to tell you about his stuff: you should be reading his work on your own.

On a relevant side note, I was recently asked about the benefits of starting this blog, and one of the things I mentioned was the wonderful writers and people I've gotten to know through this whole thing. At the top of the list is Kyle, who I consider a friend, despite the inconvenient fact that we haven't had the pleasure of meeting (yet). He's a class act, defined.

And speaking of which, we'll close out our Morning Coffee with something that's been on my mind since the Horns were eliminated from the NCAA basketball tournament. Specifically, it's been difficult to decide how to define the content of the blog in the long march through the biggest sports' offseasons. We've thrown out a lot of different random things; some more successful than others. But as my girlfriend said today, the blog has definitely "gotten a little more cutesy."

Part of that is because we post so regularly; there are only so many times you can go over the roster and future games. But it's also a conscious effort to reach out and try to entertain readers, no matter the season or circumstance. Sometimes, we get off track, as with the unfortunate degradation of standards in the spat with HP, but mostly, it's good fun.

And with that in mind, I hope that you, the readers, will continue to do your part to make this site what it is. Continue to comment, continue to write diaries, and please, if you want to see a certian kind of content, make suggestions. We try our best, but Andrew and I are much better analysts than we are entertainers. Any, and all, suggestions for content ideas are welcome.

Powered by the best readers on the internet, we humbly thank you.

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