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TX / OU in Prime Time?

As previoulsy noted, ABC announced its prime time college football lineup yesterday. Texas will play at least once in prime time on September 9th when we host Ohio State. But the Horns could play another prime time game on October 7th?

The current schudule has Oregon visiting California. Excuse me while I switch the channel. What other game is that weekend? Oh, that's right. October 7th is TX/OU weekend and ABC has reserved the right to chose another game to broadcast from the ACC, Big 12, or Big East. I wonder what game would draw tremendous ratings? If only there was a way to pair two teams from the same conference who have participated in four of the last six national title games.

Can you imagine Texas and Oklahoma playing in prime time in front of a national television audience? What better way to showcase one of the best college football rivalries in the country. Apparently, this has already been discussed according to the Dallas Morning News.

Texas-Oklahoma, traditionally an afternoon game at the Cotton Bowl, could be shifted to a 7 p.m. kickoff, according to the network schedule unveiled Tuesday. Oct. 7 has been designated a day when a Big 12, ACC or Big East game could be selected for prime time.

But State Fair of Texas president Errol McKoy said he has already discussed this possibility with Oklahoma officials, and it's doubtful the Red River Rivalry would be played at night.

"I don't know where Texas would be on it, but we don't feel a night game would work well," McKoy said. "It just takes away from the ambiance of the overall experience with the fair. There are also some safety issues with that many people being out at night."

UT athletic director DeLoss Dodds said Tuesday he'd prefer Texas-OU remain an afternoon game.

Big 12 associate commissioner Tim Allen, who deals with the networks when determining who plays on TV, said ABC already had indicated an interest in moving Texas-OU to prime time. However, that is unlikely to happen.

"It will not be shifted to a night game," Allen said of Texas-OU. "It would not be in anyone's best interest to do that."

It looks like I am the only one who thinks this is a good idea. Texas AD Deloss Dodds doesn't want it. The Big 12 associate commissioner says that a move is not in anyone's best interest. The State Fair of Texas president sees a move to a prime time slot as unlikely.

Sure there would be security issues. Imagine how drunk most fans could get if they had all afternoon. Typical kickoffs have been 2:30 and I remember some as early as 11 am. The ass clowns would be out in force if we pushed the game back a few hours. Of course, Dallas would lose money as fans spent less time dining and drinking downtown or in Deep Ellum but I don't care.

I love college football but I love it even more under the lights. Last year's conquest in Columbus was fantastic and this year's matchup threatens to be even better. One of my favorite home games of all time was the nightime triumph over the University of Houston. It wouldn't have been the same if the game was played in the afternoon.  

Tradition is great and should be respected. While I am not -at all- in favor of moving TX/OU to a home and home game, I am in favor of moving a game or two under the lights for all to see.