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Morning Coffee

*Joey of Bechler and Bangin has chimed in with his Blog Poll answers. Among the most interesting respones, for sure. Joey makes the case for why HE should replace Lloyd Carr, should there be a need in 2006. I'm sold: hand him the reins.

He also went the same rout as Bruins Nation in choosing the blogger to switch to covering Michigan; he chose to have an uberblogger that combined several of his favorites. Among them? The "irreverance of Peter." I must admit, that's a first. I'm not precisely sure what he's referring to, though I suspect it's my willingness to call HP exactly what he is.

(Then again, I was voted "Most Likely To Be A Con Artist" by my high school classmates, so this shouldn't surprise me too much. The best part about it was that it came as a total surprise, as that wasn't an actual category on the ballots. But enough people wrote me in that I was given the "award." You can imagine how proud my mother was...)

*The Whiz says that Nebraska and Virginia Tech have agreed to a home and home series for 2008-09. Within the same notebook: Reggie Bush and his family won't help the NCAA or Pac 10 in their investigations.

*The best early-early previews (SMQ) are still going strong.

*College Football Resource attempts to set the 2006 college football narrative. I mostly agree, though I've got a few things to change/add. Perhaps later today.

*If you have any sympathy for me, root root root for the Pistons to come back and win this series against Cleveland. The psychological damage of a Pistons early exit to my girlfriend will be... well, it won't be good. Detroit must rally.