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Great Moments In My Longhorn Lifetime: The Arkansas Miracle

One of my very earliest University of Texas football memories comes from 1987, when Longhorn quarterback Bret Stafford completed one of the most miraculous game-ending plays in my lifetime.

Texas traveled to play 15th ranked Arkansas and trailed for most of the game, including right down to the final play. With the Horns down 14-10, Longhorn quarterback Bret Stafford had one last chance to bring Texas back, getting the ball at the Texas 44 yard line with 1:48 left in the game. On the final play of the game, Stafford zinged a perfect throw to undersized wide receiver Tony Jones, completing an 18 yard touchdown for the victory, and prompting total pandemonium in the Bean household. I distinctly recall my older brother Alan running to the front door, opening it, and screaming out to no one in particular, "TAKE THAT ARKANSAS!"

One interesting note: it was the first game in Texas history to be decided on the final play of the game. That sets the table for some other memorable frantic finishes for Texas in my lifetime: 1995 Virginia (Phil Dawson's miracle kick) and 2004 Michigan (Dusty Mangum). Coming soon.