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Afternoon Tea

*Frank Okam and Justin Blaylock are Playboy All Americans. One interesting side note: Did you know that Playboy's annual preseason Top 20 college football rankings have been the most accurate of any? Better than Athlon's, Street and Smith's, Sports Illustrated - all of them. The women never believe us, but there's some truth to it: we get it for the articles! (And the cartoons. And the breasts. Oops.)

*Brian Robison (DE) and Jamaal Charles (RB) helped the track team win the Big 12 championship.

*As noted yesterday in the diaries by TarHorn, PJ Tucker has signed an agent, which means he's no longer eligible to return. A sad day for Longhorn hoops fans.


"You know, it's a shame about P.J."
"Oh, it is. Yeah, it was really a shame. To go so suddenly like that."
"He's been gone for weeks."
"Sure, but... the end was very... very sudden."
"He's been shopping for an agent for a while now."
"Yeah, but I mean the very end, when he hired one. That was extremely sudden."

Happy trails, PJ.

*Alas, perhaps time for some reverse Shadenfreude, as the Bruins make the wrong kind of headlines.

*Paul Westerdawg reminds us of a Georgia-Texas classic. Safe to say this won't show up in the Great Moments In My Longhorn Lifetime Series.

*Also overheard. From an online chat on with Bruce Feldman, who writes the best college football blog of any mainstream journalist:

Steve Dallas, TX: Bruce, will Texas ever find a QB as good as Vince Young?

Bruce Feldman: I don't know.. will the NBA ever have a better basketball player than Michael Jordan?

To me, Vince Young was the greatest clutch player college football has ever seen.

Always a good way to end a post.