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I know I said we were done with the NFL draft for a while, but I guess I lied. We're back. Not, particularly, because I want to dredge up dead stories, but because I goofed. In my Draft Recap story, I unwisely wrote:

So, the Houston Texans defied logic and took someone besides Vince Young. And yet, they also managed to not take Reggie Bush? Look, we're the first to admit that this blog has enjoyed, perhaps more than is reasonable or fair, USC's off-field troubles since the Rose Bowl. And yet, despite watching the joy that accompanies watching the pompous squirm, even we can't deny that passing up on Reggie Bush (if you've decided not to take a quarterback) is indefensible. So the Texans fucked up twice. First, by sticking with Carr at the expense of the wildly popular Young. Then, after deciding on Carr, fucking up by passing on Bush. Whatever his college eligibility, the guy was a better pick than Mario Williams.

It's not that what I wrote can't be argued. It can. Many have. The odd thing is that it stands in direct contrast to something I wrote before the draft:

ESPN's Michael David Smith writes a lengthy column urging the Texans to take NC State defensive end Mario Williams ahead of Reggie Bush and Vince Young. The case for taking Williams ahead of Bush is actually compelling. But there isn't a single argument for why the Texans should take Williams instead of Young.

You see the slight discrepancy. On the one hand, I noted that Smith made a compelling case for taking Williams over Bush. Then, in a draft recap, I call the Texans' draft "indefensible." That doesn't sit right with me, naturally. The reason I even remembered this was because I'm A Realist wrote a strong defense of the Williams selection as well.

Now, to the point. I -still- think that taking Williams over Bush can be argued reasonably, as Realist so ably did. I also stand by my statement that the Texans were foolish to take anyone other than Young, as argued here and here, among other places.

I guess I'd be interested to hear more on Williams over Young, as opposed to just Bush. Realist? Others?