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Morning Coffee

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*As is sometimes the case, CFR gets it half right. He makes the correct point that elite programs must assume the risk of potential bad character guys during recruiting. No argument there. He then blows it by failing to mention the corollary to that: when the risky character guys do something shady, it's how you handle the problem that's important. The motivation, one infers, is to back-handedly defend USC. It falls short. There's nothing wrong with recruiting potential problem kids. There's something wrong with letting problems run amok in an environment of unaccountability. To think otherwise, I'm afraid, is grossly naïve. Try again, CFR.

*Cat and the Lady Horns took care of business in Austin to win their regional. It's on to the Super Regional to face Washington.

*Elsewhere on the diamond, the men's baseball team floundered against Missouri, getting swept over the weekend. They need to have a strong Big 12 tournament to ensure a Top 8 national seed, or the road to Omaha won't go through Austin.

*Mack Brown had knee surgery.

*Longhorn football players enjoyed graduation this weekend.

*Brady Quinn is the Heisman frontrunner! Someone should start a blog about this. That you can predict a Quinn-Adrian Peterson 1-2 finish in June tells us all we need to know. Unless and until the Heisman takes on Brian's form, it remains one big media hype.

*This week's diaries need to contain a quote from the 'Afternoon Delight' episode of "Arrested Development."