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Rumor Alert: Damion James to Texas!!

No official confirmation yet, but Rivals is reporting that Damion James appears to have selected Texas over Texas A&M. James, you may recall, asked for release from his Letter of Intent from Oklahoma after Cheatybitch McSampsonpants left for Indiana.

This pleases me to no end, as it's:

  1. A(nother) bitch slap to A&M
  2. A(nother) bitch slap to OU
  3. (Most importantly) Terrific news for Rick Barnes and the Horns. After Drama Boy Arthur went to Kansas, and the entire starting five disappeared to graduation or NBA dreaming, Texas really needed James to round out the front court. A terrific coup for Texas, as next year's team continues to get more and more and more interesting. To say I'm excited is an understatement. A truly top-notch rivalry with Kansas is in full swing now, kids. Enjoy it; this is what it's all about.
Now I just hope Darrell Arthur gets buried deeper on the bench than Ryan Perrilloux.

Hook 'Em!