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Afternoon Tea

*As was the hope, EDSBS took this football and ran with it. Brilliant, as always.

*Doug's birthday is two weeks away. I really like his wish list of gifts, which includes a heretofor (to me) unknown French TV journalist. Enjoy.

*If you missed it, the Highfalutin 'Pologist Photoshopped me. Very well done.

*The much anticipated (by me, anyway) response from Sexy Results! to the Blog Poll are up. For those unfamiliar with Ian, he's a terrific writer, and more importantly, extraordinarily thoughtful. Here at BON, I've got posting diarrhea. There's some upside to the frequency with which we put up new stuff to read, but the downside is that there's less thought put into each post. Ian (along with Brian of MGoBlog) do well in sacrificing quantity for quality.

*ESPN's Bob Davie (who does much better work as a journalist than he did as a coach) kicks off a new series with a look at the Longhorns punt schemes.